New short modelling tutorial, with a sequel!

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I made a tutorial (my second) on how to model a waste basket using screw, spin and spin dup.
Hope someone might find it useful. (about 470 kb)

Feedback is always useful
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(look further down for the other one)

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We definitely need some Tutorial search engine with categories rankings…


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Thanks I got it because I like tutorials in pdf format that way I can download it and have it if I ever need to refer to it again, saves me trying to remember where I found or saw a particular tutorial. Haven’t tryed it yet but will later.


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nice tutorial pofo. I quite like tutorials in pdf, as they are easier to file than HTML tuts with lots of image files.

It certainly explains how to use screw / spin and spin dup.

Nice one!


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hey,cool tut!
I always wanted to know how to make that sort of
waste basket in a short time :smiley:

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thats a great tute! an aweosme complex use of screw and spin =) i like it

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Thanks for your comments :smiley:

I know, I too constantly feel the need to model waste baskets. There should be at least one in every scene :wink:

I agree with Stefano that we should have some sort of tutorial list, the best tute isn’t worth much if you can’t find it when you need it.

Have to agree that I like pdf tutorials too. They’re easier to save, but mostly they’re so much more fun to make than html ones.

I think I’ll make a sequel to this one on how to make a spiral stair. I know there’s at least one other tute on spiral stairs, but I think that one used ipo’s and dupliframes, things I’m not so good at.

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I got happy from the positive feedback, so I decided to make a short follow up tute.
It’s about modelling spiral stairs as I said. But the technique can of course be used to copy anything in a spiral.

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(paradox) #10

Thanks Pofo for the follow up tute, my pdf folder is growing with blender tutorials. :slight_smile:


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Oh sweet it’s pdf :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , nice tut by the way.

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:o :o

I mever tried to model a spiral stair… but is it that complex in Blender???

OMG… yours is a clever hack but have to make rings of steps and then delete all that you don’t need…


(pofo) #13

Yes it is a bit clumsy if it’s a large mesh.

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Hmmmm… Pity. Can’t seem to find the ‘other’ spiral staircase tutorial by Geno. Ah, Iceman, those were the days. How we miss you here (well, I do…)

Unfortunately, either Iceman yanked the tut or it was published elsewhere (BlenderMania?) However, as all good Blender tutorial listings seem to be down or gone (esp. Raysite) there is no longer a single trace of it that I can find

The endresult of the dupliverted staircase can still be seen at

There is quite a bit of insteresting stuff in that filez directory!! Check it out!

(JarellSmith) #15

I believe IngieBee is working on resurrecting the old Blendermania tutorials; so you should soon be able to find the IcEmAn’s spiral stair case tutorial at:

(UglyMike) #16

Woopsie!!! According to Blendermania, the spiral starcase tute is apparently by Bart… Sorry, Bart.

Must be getting old…

Thanks for the tip, Jarell