New short! Need occasional (2-3 hour/week) but fast response help (technical only).

I am a one-man-band independent freelancer and i am working on a new short movie.
Everything is done with Blender due to the advanced GPU Cycles engine.

I am at currently at the previz, modeling and preliminary shading.
Story, Script, Storyboard, (3-4 months now) are already done by me and i will also do the 3D animation/finishing
The short will be available for the internet for free in 4K, with tutorials following it.

The only thing i would need (cause i am only with Blender since 2.64 coming from Maya) is somebody that knows all the bells and whistles and has deep knowledge, regarding VERY OCCASIONAL (not even part time) advices/help when something REALLY bugs me.
I am since 1998 in 3D/Post/Video, so you can talk to me in the most advanced way (except C programming).

What work i DON’T need, cause i do it is the creative part: Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Simulation, etc…
So it should be a piece of cake if i only need (occasionally) to solve/workaround stuff trough your help in Blender.

The only two conditions are:

  1. When i (occasionally) need it, maybe a total of 2-3 hours a week, i really need it to be a FAST response.(max. next 12h to remain productive)
  2. I cannot disclose the project (Story,Art,etc) until it’s done (except specific technical details/renders required for the help)

Also of course credits will be given in the final project, and depending on the success maybe more. :slight_smile: