New Simple Characters

I’ve been making tons new characters, and put out another group on my web site (the web site is now also complete). I’ve also been learning a lot about using bones, and rvk’s in the anitmations.

Click Here To See Tons More Characters On The Web Site

Wicked, Wu. I’m a huge fan of these guys. It would be cool to see a SouthPark esque animation with simple environments etc.–maybe a whole short with all these guys!



block01cube- thanks so much man

i have gotten quite a few people suggesting an animation, so i started work on one, nothing huge just a test/sample work. it should be up in the “Works in Porgress” section this Tuesday, so check it out!

You know, now that I think about it: these guys seem pretty low poly! I bet you could use them in the game engine!


P.S.: Glad to hear you’re going to do an animation. I’ll look for it on tuesday.

Dude I love these little guys! Simple yet at the same time, complicated.
I think it’s your texturing that does it for me, gives these guys real character. Excellent concept, I agree, you’ve got something special going there.
Nice work!
I’ll definitely be dipping in periodically to watch your progress with the whole project.

block01cube- yes they are quite low poly, i kept it that way because i was really getting frustrated with making complex models then never finishing them. and the game idea is great, i tested them to see what they look like redered in a game enviornment and they maintain a lot of detail. thanks for all the nice comments!

Radishimo- hey thanks a lot, i’m very happy to have found somthing that people really connect to. and i love making these things some hopefully it can become something very popular. thanks for the great post, thats very cool!

so i have been working on some animation. my skils are not that great but i decided i needed to start somewhere.
i still have my animation software i bought years ago to mix sound and animation. it is so much fun to watch these things come to life and talk. but it is work too, not really, haha.
anyway if you want to see my very first attempt at animation whith these characters here it is.
voice/animation test .avi, 488kb, 8sec
*The dialog will mean nothing for now, but tomorrow i hope to put up a animation (in “works in porgress”) with more characters and an enviornment, so it will make more sense then. just for fun right now

Heheh, that’s cool!
I love his facial expressions, especially where he chuckles.
For some reason I can picture him with his fingers flexing as if he were about to indulge in a delicious feast or something.
BTW, how did you animate his face, was it by animating the texture?
Keep it up dude, nice job.

Simple to make, but cool idea.

im also curious as to how you animated the facial textures. i want to employ that technique in an animated short im making but i cant figure out how to get it to work, would you mind posting a small tutorial on how you acheived that effect? i appreciate it.

and your characters are btw very cool
they remind me of the garbage pail kids for some reason.

These things rock, they really do! Great stuff!

pity i can’t watch it. i refuse to downlaod indeo, (based on their popups asking me to downlaod it LOL)


thanks for the posts
it has gotten a little confusing to keep up because i made the mistake of opening too many different threads for these characters, sorry.

Radishimo- thanks, good thinking about the fingers too, i hope to get more complicated movements like that from the armatures soon. the face animation is very simple, but i use the help of a audio/video editor outside of blender called “ddclilp le.” basically what is done is that i render a few frames for each expression. then i go into the audio/video editor and copy and past the frames according to their placement to the audio. one thing that has made is so easy for me is that the audio/video editor already creates a sound wave line so it is easy to see when to put in a frame for closed mouth or open mouth. it is all really basic now but i hope to make it more complicated and smooth, thanks for the comments!

pafurijaz- thanks man, keeping it simple is such a great thing because i can create and create and never get tired of it.

That_guy- i tired to explain as best i could in my reply to Radishimo, but Bentagon left a very good explination of how it could be done on this thread for the “Bulbus Monkey” animaiton thread. and thanks for the gpk compairison, john pound their creator is a big influence of mine, i actually wrote to him with a few photos and told him he was a big influence, he actally wrote back and said he liked them, whooohooo.

Wriker- thanks so much man!

Alltaken- ah that sucks, but this animation is the only one coded in indeo, and this one is just a test, but if you would like to check the other two out they are not coded in indeo, they are done in Microsoft MPEG4 V2 here they are:
Bulbus Monkey 2meg, 15sec, avi
Spacecraft 3000, 4meg, 40sec, avi
or you can go the site in my signature, and all the animations and characters are on my site.

thanks for checking out the thread, and i hope to have more characters and animations in the future, thanks!

saw the website, gotta say it’s a really original idea - i love this, it’s so funny.