New Simples Project -> Ocean Scene with a rock

So this is the scene I started working on yesterday, experimenting with the Ocean Modifier. So far, I think the ocean mesh itself doesn’t look that bad, but I can’t scene to get a good material and texture for it. I’ve been trying different settings for two hours and this is the best I came up with. The material on the rock also needs to be better as I want to achieve photo realistic renders.

What advice can you give me


hm what is making it look a bit strange is that the rock doesnt cause riples or foam in this ‘wild’ sea.

I asume u use cycle render and that the scene is empty besides this with some added lights, usually water has the color of the sky or something near it (as there is also some sunlight involved as water is also a reflection ‘product’ besides its own dark blue color. Perhaps you should try a sky image as an environment background instead of the default single gray color. Maybe even add above your sea some aerial picture of clouds (pictured from below), those should not be in the render result but be above it, so the cycle renderer can then use it to base the water colors on (as it emulates light rays to the camera).

I’dd like to see you try this let me now

Thank you for the reply, I’ve changed it a bit so far, but haven’t taken into account the stuff you said. I will try your advice tommorrow and I’ll post again.

Also, I’m using Blender Internal, not Cycles, but I’ll make a render with Cycles just to see how it looks :slight_smile:

EDIT: So I rendered it with Cycles to see how it looks, and not too good apparently