New Simulation Nodes in Animation Nodes in Blender - Tutorial

I have added the Simulation Nodes in Animation Nodes for Blender. Now, it possible to do Spline Tracer, Dynamic Vertex Color and Weight, Custom Particle System, Melting Objects, and many more simulations. In this video, I have explained in detail the simulation concept, simulation nodes, spline tracer, grease pencil strokes tracer, mesh tracer, general tracer that allows to trace any list which is available in the Animation Nodes and breakdown of my project files. The project files in the video description.

Happy Noding…



Thanks for the work on these nodes.

Is this release part of AN or is it still Extra Nodes?

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Hi. It is part of Extra Nodes.

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Does your version work with Blender 3.x on Win?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the Latest version.

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