New Sky Model

Hi, user/developer nacioss work on a new sky model for Blender.
There is a thread at about.
@LazyDodo provide builds for Windows and Linux at


Very cool, mib


I hope this can be used with real world light intensitys and IES lights, as this lumens addon.
so far looks usefull stuff would be realtime volumetric clouds and fog.

thats pretty cool, is it going tobe in master soon?

The developer hopes it will make it to 2.90.

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yayy thanks for the info

Brecht is reviewing and it is close to land in master.

…annndd touchdown! New has sky has now landed!


Thanks to @macio (Marco Pavanello) and @lukasstockner97 (Lukas Stockner) !

Tried it. Looks very nice. I have two issues with it though.

  1. It doesn’t react to sun position addon yet. I assume it’s just a matter of updating the addon to drive the parameters differently if the new mode is detected. I’m guessing it’ll be fixed.
  2. The other thing is the definition of the sun. Applying distortions to the coordinates (to simulate fake atmospheric refraction), the “center of the sun” is “lost” - you get a black center surrounded by a sun “torus”. Anyone else have this issue? Should it be reported as a bug?
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