New space fighter

(Nayman) #1

very direivitive of my early works, but i did it onpurpose, latest incarnation

Its going to be used in a short ani

here is a still

(VelikM) #2

Nice model! It looks lethal. 8)

(Goofster) #3

It’s late there isn’t it? sapce, ogoin… :wink:


I love it how every vehicle you make has your specific style to it. bright colors, high-tech. maybe you should make a kind of overview of all those vehicles. like put them all together in a picture.

keep it up! looking goooood!


(sten) #4

awsome…totally agree with Goofster 8)

(Nayman) #5


(Bapsis) #6

Dude, that ship rockz!!! :wink:

I love the design, is it your own? You also did a great job on the glass, wish i could get mine that good!!! :wink:

Are we going to get to see a cool animation of it in space with engine glow etc…?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #7

aw that rocks! reminds me of a pod racer

(EnV) #8

Very beautiful design and textures!


(S68) #9

Very Cool


(valarking) #10

Notice ValarKing was electecuted from excessive drooling on keyboard. RIP ValarKing, oh and nice pic BTW Notice

(Friday13) #11

valarking LOL!!!

Great image Nayman.