New spanish blender comunity is online

Since the only spanish comunity has gone the way of the dodo. Well a former member of that comnunity, seyacat, has started his own So all of the spanish user of blender are welcome. Any member of the former comunity and also any newcomers :wink:

hey, I though there was only


I may register in both…dunno…

Since the only spanish comunity has gone the way of the dodo

That remains to be seen. The way I read it there is simply the possibility that participation in the forums at NicoDigital will be discontinued. Caronte is a Founding Member and I’m sure the site will remain with the tutorials, downloads, news articles, search function and all the rest of the wealth of resources and information he has put together over the years. It is the most valuable link for new Spanish-speaking members to link to from and we all owe him a deep debt of gratitude for the time and resources he has devoted to it.


yes his site will remain in the links section at at least.

but i will add these new sites in soon to.


Sorry for the late reply. But caronte had made a post were he said he was going to close the site for good. So thats the reason I said “It had gone the way of the dodo”. Right now it is in a state of limbo. I don’t really care because i dont go to that page anymore so. Just try seyacats page!!!

Well, I’m learning spanish so maybe when I get good I’ll join the forum. :stuck_out_tongue: