New take on wireframes

Still being bugged about the z-offset method of production a wireframe (mostly becuause a good outcome is largely dependant upon the mesh geometry). Simply put not all shapes will yield a uniform “wire” width.

Anyway, here’s a little something I did tonight (yes I know that the z-offset method works pretty well for spheres but it’s simply a test of the method).

I basically LSCM unrapped the sphere (after creating the necessary seams for a decent unwrap) and then saved the face layout. I then simply used the face layout targa as the UV mapped texture (with Shadless turned on). It’s more labor intensive but for the mesh that I really want to render as (backface culled/hidden line removed) wireframe does not lend itself to the “proscribed” method. In any event, I just thought I’d share this in case anyone was looking for an alternative.

Lateral lightbulb ignition!