New to animation, distorted X flip

I have my rig setup correctly, the right naming all that as followed by a tutorial on blender cookie. However after trying a run cycle I’ve found my armature doesn’t flip properly, the hands aren’t right and the feet fly out at the side.

I’ve searched through other threads on this but I still don’t understand the problem or solution. I tried going into edit mode and recalculating z bone roll, and that seems to have allowed me to correctly flip the pose on a new set of keyframes, but I don’t understand why I need to do that in the first place. Any tips would be appreciated

yay bugs!

ok in the tool panel click x axis mirror, then in edit mode, select all the left hand bones and give them a bit of a shake, (press G and move them around a little) but dont confirm the movement, just right click the discard the grab. you right hand bones should now perfectly mirror your left hand bones. now you can deselect the x mirror if you wish, and copy and flip your poses as needed. there may still be issues due to bone roll but you can check that by displaying the axis and adjust the roll accordingly

if your model is not a corrctly mirrored thing, then your armature will still be wrong. you’ll have to manually correct the armature. can’t help that.

Thanks a lot, there’s no way I would have figured that out.

I first tried wiggling just the left hand like you said but the flipping result was mostly the same. But I then tried doing that for every bone and it basically worked. Though at first it threw off one the legs, even before copy and pasting, which is weird, but that leg wasn’t doing much anyway.