New to blender, cant seem to use rotate widget :(

The translation and scale widgets work fine, I can pull on any axis and get movement on only that axis. However for the rotation widget I cant seem to just click and drag on an individual axis / color to get that movement?

I found that I can hit R and then X,Y,Z to get rotation in only that direction, but I was hoping there was a way I could also click and drag on the widget. Any ideas what im doing wrong here? See video:


File / User Preferences / System
Try changing the OpenGL Selection from ‘Automatic’ to ‘OpenGL Select’

Ah that seems to have helped! I can now drag the rotation widget on two axis in the perspective viewport, although it is still being fussy with the Y axis. and still doesnt seem to work in any of the ortho ports:

selecting “OpenGL Occlusion Queries” from that same selection menu seems to have solved the problem :slight_smile: