New to Blender & Dual Monitors

Hello everyone! This is my first post here after buying the blender 2.3 book (very nice btw!) I am slowing progressing a page at a time :smiley: and so far I am really impressed.

One thing however is really bugging me, I run a dual screen setup, does Blender have the capabilites of utilising more than 1 display? if so how?

I am using the OSX and windows versions, and all my screens and graphics cards use DVI

cheers guys

This question has been asked many times before.
You can search the forum.
Some people get Blender to work on a dual screen setup.
I don’t somehow even though I’m using the latest driver (6.1) for my ATI radeon 9200 SE.

Note that if you do, it might slow down work immensely.
The ATI is known for this.
If I would run Blender on 800x600 it would be quite fast but I’m on 1600x1200 and I get a slowdown.
Nothing to worry about though, I can still work with it.

Is there a menu interface somewhere for the dual monitors? or should blender automatically fill both the monitors with it’s workspace?

It should have nothing to do with blender. Dual monitors is an OS process that normally is used to increase the size of the desktop.

AH! I got it :smiley: spread the desktop over the two monitors, and the blender desktop spreads too :smiley:

Just in case you havent done so already. Once you spread your desk top across the two monitors dont forget to split your 3-D view in to two halves so you can work on one thing on the left and on another on the right. Incase you havent already. :smiley: