New to Blender, looking for World Panel --using MAC

I’m learning Blender from a text book working with version 2.57, and just getting ready to light my scene, and the reference is to going to the World Panel. In the Blender manual the World Panel is accessed with F5. On my MAC, none of the F-keys work for Blender shortcuts.

I have read lots of info on clicking on or off the check box for F-keys in the keyboard preferences, and also using the MAC’s “fn” key to override, but everything I have tried fails to work. Surely there is a pull-down menu (long-way) to access the World Panel. Otherwise MAC users are unable to fully use the this version (2.57) of Blender.

I Just tested the F-keys on version 2.48a, and they seem to be working.

I would appreciate anyone’s help on this.


I use a Mac and have full access to all blender options.
What version of blender are you using, If 2.57, then that is why the F keys don’t work, you’re looking at an outdated tutorial. Why not just use your mouse pointer and press the mouse button. I assume they work for you ?
I have attached screenshots for the location of the World settings for blender 2.49 and 2.57


Thanks Richard for the reply and resolve. The manual only referred to the shortcut so I thought that was the only way to access it.

The F-keys aren’t used for accessing properties panels in 2.5x, which took some getting used to for a lot of us, I think…