New to Blender, need help with materials

Started blender 2 weeks ago. Love it, a new passion of mine and something I really would love to master.

Trying to learn how to create some realistic textures and ran into a problem.
When applying my procedural texture on some objects (a simple cube, plane or sphere looks fine) it doesn’t look the same on all sides. Tried to use Smart UV Project again, nothing changes. Found nothing on google.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Anyone know a good tutorial for beginners on applying textures? The tutorials I found all show how to create the materials but they only apply them to simple spheres or planes.

Here is an image to show how the texture looks different on 3 different parts of the object. The sides are all different in size.

Soffa.blend (1000 KB)


Ensure you have applied any non uniform scale your object may have (Ctrl+A)
Check your texture coordinates (no blend file supplied to review, why not ?)
If you’re using UVs, what do they look like

Thanks for the answer! Didn’t think of applying the blend-file. It’s in the OP now. I’ve been using it to play around with textures so it might be a mess.

I tried applying scale but nothing changes. It’s my first time playing around with textures so perhaps I’m doing something completely wrong.

I also suggest doing that in the future, and that you don’t crop nor scale screenshots when asking questions because it hides feedback from the interface. With the whole interface visible, it shows the settings that affect what you’re showing, Blender version so you don’t have to mention that, and everything else that might give a clue about the cause of the problem.

It’s still not a substitute to a .blend file, still need to include that. If the content of this reply isn’t enough to reveal why, the tutorial linked in my signature lists more reasons and shows how.

All objects have unapplied and non-uniform scale. It affects the unwrap because the mesh is in different dimensions than what you see in the viewport, and Blender warns about non-uniform scale when unwrapping. But the scale should be 1,1,1 the whole time you model since the scale affects tools and modifiers for the same reason, non-uniform and negative scale especially makes it look like the tools don’t work as they should.

The difference. UV’s after applying the scale and before. Apart from not being an optimal UV layout, the UV islands now look like they belong to the mesh in the viewport.

Subdivision surface modifier also distorts the geometry so the UV’s get distorted. The mesh needs cuts to have edge loops supporting the subdivision in all directions. The geometry gets subdivided and the smoothing averaged much further away in depth than in any other direction, and the UV’s follow, but adding more cuts evens it out.

And you’re right, the material setup is a mess. Start organizing the node tree right after you add the material which has only two nodes. Group nodes won’t help if the organization doesn’t make sense, just makes it harder to navigate and understand what is going on.

The same applies with organization of the objects in the scene. It’s easier to keep organized when you only have few objects to start with. If you make a cushion and name the object “cushion”, the duplicate of that is “cushion.001”, so at least you know which subset of objects to look for the right one because the name.

Hey just wanted to let you know that I got it to work yesterday with the help of your reply. Thank you!