New to blender; using blender 2.9

Needing some help or direction with Blender 2.9.

When I was learning photoshop back in the day even the simplest of tutorials helped in getting me familiar with the functions and where everything is. Even to this day I still think i have the list of websites I used even if i dont have photoshop any more (cries)…

But I am unfamiliar with Blender and this version 2.9. I want to get into really easy tutorial, as in like stupidly simple, so i can play with the functionality of the program.

But from what I have seen alot of is on 2.8 and the versions could be different and functions in different places.

So can someone help in directing me the best place to start. I like the idea of modelling and sculpting and would like to eventually get there but if i have to start in different areas first I am also willing.

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hey welcome to the community.

for me when I’m learning new software is learning the fundamentals and get familiar with the software.

Blender have playlist on Blender Youtube channel for fundamentals 2.8.

[ Blender Fundamentals 2.8 Youtube Playlist ]

as far as I know about 2.8 to 2.9 the significant changes is more features and little bit layout changes but you still easily follow along with any tutorial from 2.8, even from 2.7.

and after you knowing the fundamentals and get familiar with Blender you can start the area you like it, like modelling and sculpting and you can explore more if you think you ready.

hope that helps you.

Thank you for the information, I already had 2 pages of notes going through one of the Blender 2.9 tutorials so this also helped patch up my notes as well as adding to them. I may even type them up and keep them online.

But in amongst my learning I came across an interesting situation which I am hoping someone could help me answer. \

I made a cube found out how to colour it and even loop cut it and cut faces etc. But if it was a full box then the chunk deleted would be removed and you would see a peice missing not the wire frame or loops at the back of the box etc. If it was a wire box and i had wirefame on I could understand but it appears when i place down a cube turn it into mesh mode its hollow on the inside. Suppose being mesh maybe thats normal, but if that is the case and i wanted a cube that is not hollow is that possible or do you use other tools like inset, extrude etc to change things like that. scratches head now i am very confused…lol

Yes you are right, mesh objects are basically hollow, when you delete a face you can see the back faces of the inside. This is normal.

You can can use the Boolean tool to cut a cube as if it was solid.

For example, create a cube and a sphere. Offset the sphere so it intersects with only part of the cube. Select the cube and give it a Boolean modifier. Set the modifier to difference and in the object field of the modifier use the eyedropper to select your sphere.

Now the sphere is cutting into the cube. If you hide the sphere you will see that it has created interior faces and the cube appears «solid» but is no longer a cube!

The result should look like this:

Note that this result is also a mesh and is conceptually still hollow inside.

Argh Thank you, I remember when i was trying to use 3D Max the word Boolean came up a few times but didnt know what that was.

I am working my way through tutorials from the beginning and quite a bit through, I am familiar with layers so the groups, layers & scenes part is easy but interesting as even for the smallest projects you have to do it on a large scale and be organised.

I want to play with the modifiers but am worried I will confuse myself to early if i do it now. So will continue with the tutorial and the tools when i feel confident I will play with the modifiers as it sounds like thats the area I am likely to use.

Thank you for response, much appreciated. I was hoping to find little 4 or 5 step tutorials here or there to practice functions but doesnt seem to be the case, maybe I have to try it here or there and see for myself the results.

Boolean’s are a way to edit one object using another. You can add two objects together, subtract one object from another, or make an object from the intersection of two objects.

anas is right the Blender Foundation fundamentals tutorials are the best place to start.

There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of tutorials on the web, unfortunately not all are educational, you have to remember the authors of the ones you learn the most from.

If you want specific tutorials google what you need, but you might find some over your head if you have not seen the basic ones first.

Good luck, and enjoy yourself (that is what it is all about!)

Thank you will do.

I have my goals some simple and some far reaching but that gives us something to strive for.

I ultimately would like to do small animation but if that involves coding and scripting I am so far over my head that it wont happen. But then again i want to put scenes together like that anyhow.

My other goal is to do temple rooms, like Tomb Raider, without all the traps etc, but with all the corridors and walls etc.

But baby steps…anyhow thanks again…