New to Blender - What I like so far

OMG n00b!!

I just installed Blender and I totally love the fast user interface. It’s still a little confusing but it seems very customizable. I just discovered you can zoom in on the panels, at first I was like, WTF, who did those tiny panels :wink: …,
I like the way you can numerical-input the object properties, very tight!
Now for a few questions (I really have millions but I’ll try and keep in pace with my learning curver)

-Is it possible to make Blender accept the “,” of my number pad as a point? It’s rather a workflow question cos I’m a leftie and constantly going back and forth from my num pad and the dot sign seems to slow things down a little. (possibly Mac-related issue)

-How do you map images to your planes etc? I guess this is in the tutorial I’m donloading now. I managed to load an image but I fail to assign it to object.

-What’s your preferred scale, say you wanted to model the Empire State Building. New mesh -> cube -> height = 381 goes way beyond the world plane and makes objects less precise (aooarently). Should I go with , say, 3.81 instead (or 38.1 for that matter).

-What is it with ‘start game’? Not that I’m nearly there yet but you DO hit ‘p’ on occasion when you’re a newbie searching for the right command. The problem is once you hit ‘p’ there’s no turning back - the GUI goes unresponsive and you have to you close the app. Is that to be expected or have I hit on an unknown issue here?

-All in all, I’m having less problems making myself comfy that I thought I’d have, …probably because I took some C4D classes at art school.

Marco :smiley:

:slight_smile: Glad you are here - keep checking this site and you’ll learn a lot!!

Let me see if I can help a little

Mapping images to mesh involves loading a texture in your material for that mesh, then choosing the option to use ‘image’ as a texture, then going into the texture view to load your image. Then the image will be in your mesh - setting it correctly will take some work, but there are tut’s on that.

When pressing ‘P’ to start game, just hit ‘Esc’ to stop and return to your 3d viewport. I did like you for almost 6 months before I found out about ‘Esc’ key.

Scale is preferential, but there are some interesting posts concerning python scripts used for calculating dimension relative to your blender grid. Awesome stuff, a lot of brainy peoples here.

I don’t know about the ‘.’ on the number pad, but reach up there to the bar on top and drag it down - it’s a hidden screen that has support for user preferences, etc. Try it out, but don’t save anything as default until you open a default scene and make the changes.

There are a lot of answers here for you to find, if you have time to read the forums. I try to use the Search filed as much as possible before I ask, and usually I find stuff before I even think to ask the question!!

Hope that helps a little, and welcome to Blender!!:smiley:

regarding size, it doesnt matter.

all that is important is that you camera clipping is set ok.
when you select a camera and go into the edit window (not edit mode)
you will get options for the camera and you can set the clipping points.


and welcome to blender

Maximum world size is -1000 to +1000 for all axis. Choose your scale accordingly.


Noob as well. This app kicks a**!

I’ve had it for a month or two but just got to really playing with it the last few days. Now, I’ve got major carpal-tunnel in my wrist. :frowning: On the bright side, I’ve done some rough animations already; the yin-yang tutorial here was particularly sweet for a pseudo-Buddhist like myself.