new to blenderartists

Hey guys, been using blender for a couple years and have looked around the forum before. Decided i would finally sign up this week. Anywho, here are recent renders i did with blender internal.(textures done in gimp)

306 polys 1024 diff/spec/norm


Did a simple boot to attach to characters.

456 polys 1024 diff/spec/norm

118 polys 1024 textures

Nice render. Not sure if I like the floor, and the axe above needs a little more light in my humble opinion. But your doing nice. Welcome to the forums. Hope you stick around!

Welcome to the big blender family. Great render, nothing to say 'bout it.

Low poly and very nice texture work. Diffuse, spec, and bump / normal… I’d say this is a professionally done work. Did you use photograph textures or completely hand paint?

I used a bit of sourcing with a majority of hand painting.

Wow, looks great! I really need to learn how to do this kind of stuff.

that’s an awesome and extremely efficient model. Would work awesome in a game. You are +1 to the non-noobs :).

added a new render

Very good style and textures