new to modelling faces

I am new to organic modelling and would love to get some input on what i have so far.
As you can see, there are several problems with this model, including the crease in the center of the face. I also, haven’t done anything with the ears yet. Keep in mind this is my first attempt at modelling a head/face.

Ok, fire away with the comments :slight_smile:


OK: the front plane of the face is good. Nice loops around the mouth and eyes.
The side planes and the skull need some work. Make a copy and delete everything behind the front plane (save as first, work on the copy.)

Select the edge loop on the forehead marked in yellow (remember, everything behind this loop is gone.) In side view, extrude, grab and move it back some, and rotate it. You should get new faces shown in light green. Move to front view and fan the edges out some, so they are not all vertical. Back to side view, extrude, move and rotate again, you get more faces shown in dark green. Adjust the edges as you go, to get a nice rounded skull shape. Google Grey’s Anatomy, the wikibook has some great references if you want a realistic skull.
Keep doing this extrude, move and rotate four or five more times (see blue lines) until you have the hard part of the skull done. (By “hard” I mean bone, not difficult.)

Finally, you need a loop to define the jaw: that one is shown in red. It’s a continuation of the forehead loop, runs in front of the ear opening and then along the jaw line to the chin. (Underneath the chin, actually, you don’t want to disturb any of the good loops you’ve got around the mouth.)

Beneath the jaw and the skull lies the neck, a very complicated bit of business, with windpipes and long muscles and tendons connecting various parts of the skull to various parts of the upper torso and shoulder anatomy. I’m not going to get into that now. But I would suggest looking at some reference photos of people with their heads in extreme positions, to better understand how and where the neck shapes are connected.

I appreciate the response and suggestions. I’ve been playing with the model some and here is what I have so far:

The head shape does look much better now though I still need to work on the back of the skull area some. I’m not really sure which direction to go from here. I need to get the skull closed into a solid shape and get the ear started. I also need to begin working the neck and get some definition in the nose area. I’ve seemed to work out most of the crease between the 2 halves of the face though its still there to a small degree.

Been working on getting down the neck and into the top of the shoulders. Here is the latest version.

I thought I’d give it a little color, that silver/grey/white color was getting old. Anyways, I need to do an ear pretty soon. Any suggestions on the best way to do this would be greatly appreciated as I’ve never tried one. Anyways, I think this model is begining to look half way decent.

Hard to judge proportions when she’s got her head tilted down like that. Good work on the update. The sides of the head are still a little flat. Are you using reference images or going freehand? References would help. mr_bomb has an excellect video tutorial on making ears in the tutorial forum.

as well as head modeling tut as i recall :smiley:
oh and try to avoid tris.

None of his ear tutorials have worked for me, they wont download.

If they dont for you heres a page on these forums with some links to ear tutorials

Not tried any of the linnks in there myself

I thought the head looked a bit flat on the sides also. I started out using photo references but since the photos were just of the face, I am working freehand now. Here are some pics at different angles to show the shape of the head. Do these look better?

I’m going to look at that video tut on the ear tonight since i can’t watch videos here, so I think I’ll just start working on the upper body. I’m not exactly sure what the best method for working down to the torso, should I extrude down and pull verts around? or create the body as a seperate object and connect the 2 or what? Also, any links to tuts on body modelling would be great. Does anyone know if the other 4 parts of the head modelling tutorial (the one that is in the tutorial section on modelling a female face/head ( are available, or haven’t been written yet or what?

not to bad, an asian look to it.
keep it up

I have started with the lower body and am going to work up to the head and try to fuse the 2 pieces together. Here is what I have so far:

Here is an update of the body. I still need to get the head attached and add some hands.

Here is the body and head fused together. Sorry for the triple post but since noone seems to be making any comments, I figured I’d just keep posting progress as it happens.

Obviously there is some work to be done in the shoulder area and around the neck where the 2 objects were fused.

Joan of Arc body hey?

I been following all the tutorials I can find to learn how to do this stuff. It’s the best way to learn yes?