New to the Modeling Community

Hello everybody,

My name is Jake Krustchinsky and I am a 14 year old PHP/AJAX devloper intrested in learning the basics of creating models and hopefully one day creating a video game. I am downloading blender as we speak and will jump face first into it as soon as I can to hopefully learn a little bit more than I did with GMAX. So I look forward to discussing projects and getting to know everyone on here!


Welcome! To the boards, to the community, to blender, etc etc. If you’ve got questions, ask, if you’ve got ideas, see if they’re old news, and if not, let people know, and just mingle, you know? People here are pretty cool 90% of the time, and you won’t regret hanging around :slight_smile:

Peace, best of luck to you,

Welcome on Board!


Blender can actually export to many formats. So you’ll find it a lot more useful than G-MAX

what sort of videogame you want to create?