New to this, and need specific help please!

Hey there, I just opened blender, and playing around with it I know a few things… But I dont know how to put it all together, or make it work correctly. I’m hoping somewhere out there can direct me to a tutuorial that explains how to import and image, ive tried and it didnt work for me. I need to know how to get started on this, like beginning my area, like the setting of my story/game and how do model my characters, I kindof know how to mirror model, but Im not good at the modelling part of things… If someone could help me, itd be greatly appreciated.


you need to do some reading, searching and self education, you’ll find that 95% of your questions are awnsered just by doing the above.
blenderartist forums comes with a handy search tool, type mirror modifier and enjoy

Well ive been reading and looking at tons of different tutorials. But alot of them, I dont even know what they are talking about, They jump right in and miss important points that im trying to figure out… Im trying to find a tutorial, or a person able to show me how to get it going, I’m still attempting to self educate myself, but asking for help or guidance isnt a bad thing is it?

As you play with Blender, things will fall into place. It is not world easiest 3D software to learn. As for importing an image, by that I assume putting Background Image on to the view port, just select View > Background Image than the dialog box opens. Select Load. Note that Background Image display only works for orthographic view port; top, side, or front views. If your view port is different, it will not show at all.


Yes it happens for someone to stumble upon a lot of resources on so many topics and really not move forward, but there is a really nice way to start, the Official Blender Manual! xD

I would suggest check the interface section first:

If maybe this is too not friendly for you, I also highly recommend the Noob to Pro wiki book, which is really a great resource:

and If you feel comfortable with the 3D concepts and want to start digging blender at once, check the interface section also:

For the final touch to start your self in the 3D world, after you grasp the interface I recommend following the ginger bread man tutorial! you’ll find yourself doing a complete animation process (but very basically) in no time!

After that I’ll say read the book to the end and yo are just getting started, 3D and Blender it’s a HUGE world so, you can devote all your time to it to be really good at this xD

Hope this helps

c ya!


I just wanted to add that I went through a lot of the wiki pages and they are helpful, but I didn’t real start to get a hang of the basics until I went through The Essential Blender - I think there is a text download of it somewhere, but having the book in hand was great.
Good luck with blendering…