New to UVs in Blender - texture is fine on top/bottom faces but stretched elsewhere

Here’s screenshot which illustrates the problem:

As you can see, the UV layout is clean, but for every face other than top/bottom facing it’s all stretched (or compressed).

This is my first time unwrapping in Blender, so I’m probably missing something obvious.

I suggest that you pick exactly 1 face, and see how much of that image on the left it really takes up. The area of the square is exactly what it will draw on the face.

The next screenshot you should include is of the material shader nodes.

Here’s a couple of screen shots (, 1st is where I have one of the problem faces selected where it shows how much space it’s taking in the uv map. 2nd is the shader nodes. Sorry if they seem messy, I’m new to Blender shader nodes.

Did you use a checker texture and actiaved Stretching before doing all the texture work? If you have then you can at least rule out the issue of deformed UVs.

Change the projection on the image nodes from ‘Box’ to ‘Flat’.

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I noticed that you don’t have texture coordinate nodes in your layout.

Try the explicit way, connecting an “Input > Texture coordinate > UV” node to the vector input of the “Image Texture”, or a “Vector -> Mapping” node. It is my understanding that it will use the “Texture Coordinate > Generated” coordinate by default, which isn’t what you wanted.

By the way, the mapping can be used to rotate, scale, and offset the UV map or the generated types. If you set the scale to 10 for example, the texture will be 10x smaller and repeat/tile as many times.

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awesome, that did the trick! never noticed that option. But it’s odd because you’d expect it to be the other way round (box allowing for an extra dimension) but sort think I understand. For flattened UVs they have to be 2d I guess. Thanks!

oh and sorry @horusscope I just noticed your reply too.

Actually, this might help me with another question I’ve been having. Will your suggestion work like box/cylinder/planar mapping does in other 3d programs? like for times when I just need to roughly put a box shaped UV over a whole object so I don’t have to constantly unwrap every object?

If you have a seamless texture, you can indeed use mapping to scale it without unwrapping.

oh man, that really helps. My texture looks 10x better now. Thanks guys.

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