New tool for character artists

A really nice and usefull resource, from a good friend of mine. Here you have her own presentation:

The work has been chosen as a finalist (in Educational Category) for the 15th Flashforward Film Festival (an online competition and live awards ceremony showcasing and celebrating the best work on the Web). Winners in all categories plus the “People’s Choice” award will be announced at the awards ceremony on March 1 during the Flashforward2006 Seattle Conference at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

Application overview.
This resource has been designed and constructed to exploit digital technology in the context of Fine Art anatomical study. It is intended to facilitate the teaching and learning the anatomical and biomechanical foundation of facial expression morphology. The presentation of the material takes advantage of digital animation, interactivity and multimedia presentation techniques as the means to facilitate visual understanding and learning.

The primary goal is to provide the student and those interested, a convenient referance tool, facilitating familiarity and experimentation with the underlying anatomical structures using correct biomechanical representation of the different facial expressions.

The task of the professor is also facilitated by the use of an expandable animated image (employing a projector connected to the computer), in addition interaction (controlled by the professor or students) is multifunctional; since the different levels and independent functions allow connection of the application contents to any educational program, providing realtime delivery of examples to the student.

This is a compact tool, providing a basis for dealing with potential problems related to the proper representation of facial expression, eliminating the need for cumbersome teaching aids such as; slides and photocopies et. Additionally this digital presentation tool provides a complete supporting document solution for those institutions not equipped with such resources.

This is an english/spanish tool, distributed free under a Creative Commons License.
A Projector (autorun) is also available for Mac or PC. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in it.
In any case, if you use the tool I’d love to know about it.

Victoria Contreras

Gustavo Muñoz

I must inform you that none of the above sites work for me here. Same here

the site in the first link works here and what a excellent site it is. looks like a lot of hard work went into it. congratulations to your friend. an excellent resource.

Yes, it had a hosting problem, but now it works again. Take a look, I think it is totally worth…

Gustavo Muñoz

Site downloads for me eventually - very slow on dial-up. However, when choosing a muscle group from the menu, the information panel overwrites itself so it ends up with text over text over text and is quite unreadable.

I’m not sure why you chose Flash to deliver the information, maybe there are important special effects that I never looked at?

Good luck with the project.

Thank you very much, and your very talented friend. It will be very useful for me.

I hope the site will stay online. I had no problems loading.

There’s so much reference material here- what an amazing resource. I too hope it stays up long enough for people to be able to really use it - good job victoria! and the flash works fine for me, a fluid way to present a ton of info, well sorted out.

Thank you, this is by far the best free expressions tool I have came across.


very useful resource.

Felicita también tu amiga de mi parte jeje. Parece hecho con mucho rigor, quizá con el tiempo pueda ampliarlo a todo el cuerpo explicando los principales músculos implicados en la rotación, extensión etc. de los miembros…

Masterful !

I sure hope the best for your friend and thank her for me… no, let me :

Félicitations gente dame : je vous salue bien bas !

Hopefully Babelfish won’t trurn it into something sleezy %|



I’m not so lucky to explain me good enough in english. This is only a thanks post, so don’t matters i think if, for once and restricted time, I’m talking in spanish, which I know better than english. Catalan is my native speaking, so my signature is in this language.

Some people must know that in Spain and in France there are other languages than spanish and french, such catalan or basque. Is an effort for me to read and understand and write in english, and i think this is enough. If someone is not happy with this, he is free to not read my posts.

Some people is continuously writing in an unreadable english all over full of own local/more-or-less-usual speaking “mods”. I think this also don’t helps the community to be an open place for english “noobs”, and is worst than puntual spanish or catalan or swahili writing posts.

I hope i have explained me. (edited for some precisions)
Thanks and sorry for my english