New Toy ( Monitor Tablet )

I just ordered a Wacom One Monitor tablet. For the past 20+ years I have been using a regular tablet with no display. This should be a nice change. The price was $400, which is a bit more than the off-brand competition, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Should be here tomorrow or Saturday. Woot.


Interesting! I’m very interested to hear how you like it.

I’ll post some stuff in the traditional section, assuming it all works as expected. Good to see a familiar face among the crowd!

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Hey, I have not seen you around these parts in a while, welcome back :smiley:
Hope that new toy works out _ I luv new toys…

Yes, it has been awhile! Thanks. I have some confidence in the brand, so fingers crossed that it works.

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Is very interesting that Wacom - late to the game - decided to go for the economy category of tablets. So far that space was dominated by Huion and XP-Pen and it looks like Wacom lost a lot of customers in that category.

I tried XP-Pen. Couldn’t get it to work across my extended display. Also, if you have a Wacom too, you’ll have to get rid of the Wacom drivers for the XP-Pen to work (at least for the model I had).

Just wanted to get my (bad) experience with the XP-Pen out there. I guess you get what you pay for when it comes to electronics.

With Wacom prices so low now, might as well stick to Wacom, imho.

Sucks to hear that but indeed there was no other option back then. You would have pay less and expect those technical difficulties.

As for example now I am really stuck with an ancient graphics tablet (derivative of some Aiptek model - about 8 years ago) and therefore since the model is now discontinued and driver support went out. I ended up trying the original Aiptek drivers and to my amazement they worked perfectly.

Hacks like these are a classic case of why at some point you need strong brands. Essentially you pay for support rather than the quality.

I have a calcomp tablet from ages ago. A real antique.

By looking some images is that with PS2 and cable for pen?

No it was for PC. It was a good tablet, but I don’t think it works with newer systems.

Correction: ps2 the connector. :slight_smile:


Looks like a midi cable.

IME, no one ever regrets buying a Wacom.

You wanna talk antiques, I still have a Wacom ArtZ II around here somewhere. We used them at work for CAD input. Same tech they use today, but I think only 256 levels of sensitivity.

Without express keys? It’s going to be a pain to have a good flow without those extra keys.

You can always buy the remote or have a keyboard off to the side.

That’s like 100€. I’ve seen online that some manga artists have a small numeric keyboard on the side. Much cheaper and practical.

True, but about half the diameter… if even that.