New tutorial ebook : Modeling and rendering a car

Hello guys !

I wrote a big tutorial about cars : interface/modeling/Clay rendering/texturing/materials/lighting and final rendering, about automobile. Available in English and French.

This is what you can obtain with this tutorial of 115 pages :

I spend a very long time for writing it, and there are a lot of my personal technics in this e-book, so I ask for a small clearing, I hope you understand :slight_smile:

You can download it directly here (english version) : download here
French version here : telecharger ici
Or have more information here : automobile and blender

Thanks you, hope you like it !

[SUP]I hope it’s not a bad section of the forum for post that…[/SUP]

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Nice results. May give it a look through soon enough. However the “Tutorials, Tips and Tricks” forum might be a better fit for people looking to find such a thing.

Just bought it, going to spend the next 2-3 weeks studying it (holidays)

The English translation could use some work, it’s hard to follow at some parts and resembles a google translation.

Thanks for the feedback

Well, sorry for the english translation, someone translate it for me, I thought it was a good work… and no google translation.
I feel uncomfortable…