New tutorial on the CurveDeform modifier (updated Jan12th)

Here :

Well thank you for the appreciation. Nevertheless I just wasn’t satisfied with it this morning and I tried another approach.

Hopefully you’ll like it even better.

Thank you.


Very nice. Curve deform is under utilized, imo.
But users should always be aware of the z-flipping trap.
Also, while you’re on it, perhaps another one one BevOb and TaperOb?
Would be nice if TaperOb can be used for curve deformed meshes, though… perhaps an idea for future development?

very nice could u add to the watch and learn video tutorials thread

does any one know how to down load flash file like the one in this thread

Very nice tut, I didn’t know about this.

<link removed>


grafix :
you’ll see that I took note of your advice in the new version of the tutorial.
Curve Deform applies to Lattice too. Also, one can use one to deform the Object prior to applying CurveDeform. That should be more powerful than TaperOb.

cool :
I don’t know if it is my place to do so. I’d rather let people decide if they want to give the link. I believe that only those video that users appreciate should be refered in that thread ; not those appreciated by their authors :wink:

vliegtuig :
Please don’t link directly to the .swf : I might end up having trouble with Lycos down the line and the lend me all the Gb and the bandwidth that I need.
I am trying to find a server where to upload them. It should be possible soon enough.



Hi, ImInnocent, can you provide the BLend file of this practice?

There isn’t one really…
I mean, I have one of my basic elements and another one to show (poorly I am afraid) the Zaxis problem but there is no action in any of them.
The both of them weight 1Mb. I could send them to you via email (pm me) but I am afraid that you’ll be in for a deception. Well, the decision is up to you.

Moreover I had what I think is a better idea even for the tutorial, one that would show exactly what happens, how CurDef works. But I should finish updating material in the official doc first and with work picking up next Monday…


Nice update Jean.
BTW, is it possible to convert the deformed mesh to a stand alone mesh so I wouldn’t have the curves all around the place?

Glad you appreciated. One better is coming up, streamlined somewhat.

You could use the ‘Apply’ button after what you could just delete the modifier.
Something I could add to the tutorial.