New Tutorial! Subsurface, sharp and using edge loops to change edge sharpness.

Added another Blender tutorial! This time about subsurface mod and how to keep it sharp.

How to use subsurface, edge loops, sharpness and other tools for good modeling meshes.

Douglas E Knapp

I think you mean “Subdivision” instead of “Subsurface,” right? :wink:

Yeah, I know the feeling. Subsurface (scattering), subdivision surfaces. A bit too similar with wording. The eyes just roll past noticing the mistake.

Actually, MacroManJr, before the fancy Blender 2.5, the subdivision surface modifier was called “SubSurf”. And considering his account is from around the 2.4x time, there’s a big chance that the name just stuck.

Yep, I myself still think of it as subsurf and call it as such when discussing it with other blenderheads.

@magic.crow: Can you change “looks” in the thread titel to “loops” as that is what I think you mean?

Hey guys! I was on vacation for a few weeks. Thanks for the help!! Will fix in the next few days. I am pre-2.5. I don’t think I ever saw that the name changed. The eyes just sort of know what is there.
Douglas E Knapp

Joeyq1, all fixed up. Thanks for the heads up! I have many skills but spelling is not one of them. In this case it was just a typo but it is normal for me not to see them.