New user : sub devide.

Hi all,
I was following the tutorial
In the initial part of the page, I had to select all the vertices of the cube. Then I pressed subdevide. I saw a spehere(roughly). It didn’t split the faces. I select all the verices on one face and tried the same operation still the same thing. Then I changed the option to the right of sub sur… button to “Simple Subdiv”. I see that the faces are subdiced into 4 each. But I am not able to select any of the verices of the newcly created edges. Any help in this is really helpfuly.

Basically I want to devide the face/edge of a cuble and grab one of the newcly created verictes…

Thanks in advance
Deekshit M

You used SubSurfacing, not Subdividing. Subdivide is in the “Mesh Tools” Panel but you have to be in EditMode to see the “Mesh Tools” Panel.

A reply in less than 5 mins for my post. That’s far better than a ‘platinum support’ for a commercial application…!!!

Thank you very much for the help. Yes, I was using sub surface instead of sub devide. Now it is working when I use sub device from mesh tools.

Deekshit M

One more question related to this. When I subdevide the front face of the cube, it creates addintional(diagonal edge from the rear face of the cube, of which I didn’t select any vertex. I don’t want to do this. How to do that. If that is expected, on what basis these nodes are selected.

Thanks in advance
Deekshit M

It sounds like you don’t have all of the vertices of the object that you’re subdividing selected. Try selecting all vertices for your object (“a” key in edit mode) then try subdividing your object. Hope this helps.


Well, the reason for this is (and it is the expected behaviour) that all faces are either triangles (tris) or quadrangles (quads). There are no (real) “N-Gones” in Blender, so these adittional edges are necessary - otherwise you would have a pentagon.

If you modell a bit longer, you will notice that for certain modelling techniques it is necessary to have only “tris” or “quads”. E.g. if you want to use subsurfacing (SubSurf), you should try and keep all faces as quads.

So probably the best solution in your case would be to select all vertices of the cube, and subdivide all faces. This will lead to more vertices in the end, but you will have only quads.