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(S68) #1

Are you curious on how the subscription to Elysiun went?

Each bar is the number of members since that day, vertical axis is people, horizontal axis is weeks (7 bars in each division)

Begin of the Epoch is 14/10/2001 (Kib installed forum)


(sten) #2


when is the biggest peak ?

must be somewhere right after NaN went down !

…or ??

(Goofster) #3

hmm, I wonder when that big breakthrough was…hmmmmmm

(sten) #4

Me too !! :stuck_out_tongue:

([email protected]) #5

Thanks for the graph S68, thats some climb to the top!

(can only hope the BF membership graph climbs like that)


(azrael) #6

If my calculations are corect then the big climb started when NAN went bankrupt.

from the start of the chart it is about 157 days, that is about 5 months.

14/3/2001 + 5 mounths = 3/2002

acording to this post that is when NAN called bankrupt.

so it is as some (most) of you expected :slight_smile: