New version blips

Is anyone else having weird stuff happen with logic brick connectors and buttons as the mouse moves over them in this new 2.25?

u want to say 2.35, right?
if it’s the case, definatly yes…there seems to be (some) problems. :frowning:

Wierd stuff with the logic connectors and buttons? No. :expressionless:

Yes. 2.35 sorry. :expressionless:

When your mouse moves over the connectors in the logic bricks they disappear or become meshed. In fact a few times they quickly linked to other bricks and then by moving the mouse around real fast they linked back up to the correct ones. Also, buttons disappear and mesh into each other when I move the mouse over them. Ive has minor problems like this in the past on other versions of blender with a variety of other computers but never like this.

Here is an example that I just snapped a pic of:

The error:

Move the mouse real fast:

And its fine.


It does it when the mouse is over certain buttons or sometimes without the mouse to where you cant read the buttons.

Lol, about blipping, my blender really made a bleep sound. I was playing one of my old blender tests, and suddenly blender starts bleeping and didn’t stoped it. Then exited the game, and looked at the console, it said something about an interuped interger in the blender.exe :confused:

When I’ll encounter this again, I’ll report this.

pryjon, are you by any chance running blender on linux?

are you running on KDE 3.2+ and/or with xorg 6.7+

If so try running it in fluxbox, xfce or any other minimal window manager. Also try selecting between menu tabs and mousing over the contents. See any glitches?


Not running linux. Although sometimes I wish I were. :smiley: