New wallpapers

(Alumiel) #1

I made a new wallpaper, because I got tired of staring that old blue planet (which some of you might remember :wink: ).

This time, I decided to put a nebula on my desktop… yeah, I know I’m sucker for all these kind of things, but then again, who isn’t?..:wink:

Here are the links:

I also made a 40sec. animation of it. I really love to be able to render DivX animations straight from Blender Publisher 2.25! :slight_smile:

Here’s the link for it:

Sorry for the big file size… it’s about 7MB :frowning:

Keep on Blendering!


(Alumiel) #2

I almost forgot…

To see the animation you’ll need DivX 5.0.2.
Also, if you can’t hear music on the animation, then you’ll need this:


(kaktuswasse) #3

great! That really rocks :slight_smile:
cya henrik

(S68) #4

Really cool :slight_smile: