new web hoster

My web hoster closed probably for good(cabspace) I need a free one that has FTP
I guess you guys would know. I have tried geocites but no FTP for the free service.
Doteasy says it is completly free Until you try to sign up then there are costs. I figure if someone knows here it would save me a load of time.


thata arent any to my knowledge that give u free FTP acces…

whats the nature/ topic of this website?

I think gives you FTP for free, but I don’t know for sure, and any site built under it has alot of pop-ups.

There must be some that give you free access. I had it with Cabspace. The site is an art
website. With my FTP i click and that’s it. 50 megs does not have free ftp

UPDATE I did a search and found lots with free ftp I am using 1111mb as I am writing this I
am uploading my page.

digiman has free hosting with a lot of features (FTP, DirectAdmin, MySQL Databases, no ads). You just need to stay active in their forums to keep your free hosting. Thats where my site is hosted.

I just got 1111mb I haven’t even tried ti out yet and cabspace emailed me that they are back up and running so now i have two 2 sites