New Website for Free Tileable Textures

Hello Blender Artists,

I’m happy to announce the completion of a new website offering 50+ free textures to download.

On you can grab high quality tileable textures for free to use in your personal and commercial projects.

pixel-furnace logo

Some of you might know that I offered textures on Pixel-Furnace before, with only some of them being free of charge, as a kind of appetizer for the really good content.
But I realized that while free download notifications spammed my inbox, most of the good content was rarely touched due to the paywall. That wall is now gone.
We’re now favoring the real purpose of the website: Supporting creative work.

On the new website, no registration is needed. No data is collected. (Almost) no restrictions on usage apply.
The textures you can download are not only seamlessly tileable over large areas, but also include all required maps for photorealistic details, such as normal and specular maps.

While there are preview renders on the website showcasing the capabilities of the textures, here’s a render that uses some textures from

I hope that with this way, I can make my work more useful for others.
I’m looking forward to your feedback and would appreciate seeing some renders you create with the textures.
If you find it useful, share it with friends!

Thank you for your time,
happy blending!


Thanks, ill give it a try next week

These look great, I’ll download some tomorrow. Thanks!

This site is great, thanks!

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Added 3 new wooden textures to the collection!

The texture in the center is made from bathroom tiles with a wooden design.
The other two are textures from an office cabinet like this:

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Great site!
I bookmarked it.

I would say a bunch of your textures are comparable to Poliigon quality.
Although, the heightmap for the dirty concrete (and maybe some others) has some weird spiky artifacts.

Nice textures and thanks for the site! I bookmarked it too.

That’s true, there are some older textures that I made before microdisplacement was in blender and I just didn’t see it then. I’m slowly redoing all textures I’m unhappy with, but for some nearly flat surfaces it might take longer, as I’m just using the normal map then.

Are you using photogrammetry on these?

No, not yet, but that’s the goal for the future.
Currently it’s a mixture of converting the color to a height map for detail and creating the main shapes by hand, if necessary (it is for most cases). For the shapes I’m either painting the map, which I did for the marble tiles for example, or modeling it in blender, when the gradients are difficult to paint, like the diamond metal plate.
The ultimate goal is to find a good workflow for making tileable photoscanned textures. Some problems I have are the quality of the meshes (not enough RAM and a medium/low quality lens) and extracting an even heightmap out of them. But I’m constantly working on this and the output quality is improving.

I bookmarked it, then un-bookmarked it just so I could bookmark it again. I have to say this is really incredible
I would have been happy with just diffuse but you’re offering everything. Almost seems too good to be true, but I can’t see the catch XD

If this is just out of the goodness of your heart you should have your own comic book series because you’re a hero!

Added 2 new procedurally generated 2K textures: Cardboard (for clean boxes) and slightly dirty concrete.

Lots of useful applications for those two. Here’s a box castle.

I also color-corrected the previously added wood textures to match the original surface color.

Make sure to sort by Date (newest first) on if you look for new additions and let me know when you create something with the textures.

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2 new textures added!
A modified 4K version of the generated concrete with directional noise and a generated granite pavement (2K).

A concrete park rendered with those textures:

In the last week I also adjusted the heightmap of the dirty concrete to remove exaggerated spikes.

Sort by Date (newest first) to find the textures on

thanks for sharing these

would it be possible to add a post adding a sample file showing
2 ways to use these images

I mean the normal nodes set up for cycles and another way using the Principle shader

that way noobies can download and use it quickly
it would help them a lot I think

happy cl

Yes, I can do that.
Here’s a sample file including a specular and a roughness material using the principled shader.
pixel-furnace-starter.blend (786.6 KB)

With normal nodes setup do you mean a PBR material without the principled shader?

one way is the new PBR node in cycle

and the older way using simple nodes like diffuse and glossy
and others nodes

now we can use this thread as a reference
and with some nice textures included for everyone

Note might also if possible include something for 2.8 new EEVEE

happy cl

Another new texture!
Here’s a photographed sidewalk tiles texture.

For reference, it was made on a small bridge in Ortisei in Italy. You can examine the texture in its natural habitat here :mag_right: (streetview).
This is the area that ended up in the texture:

Sort by Date (newest first) to find new textures on

Nice. I’m thinking of creating something like this but I am planning to create a website on

It’s been a while since I updated the list, but here’s a new texture!
And it’s a highly useful potato texture!

I generated it in Substance Designer after studying and eating some references.

Since the stressful exam time is over, I have created some textures again and I’m currently finishing a bunch of new ones to be uploaded very soon.

Here’s an example render for today’s texture (All hail the mighty potato king!):

You can find new textures on by choosing the Date (newest first) sorting option.


More procedural textures:
Shoeprints in soil - and the same but wet!

Both use the same base texture, so they can be blended easily (using a noise texture for example).
I used the textures in a scene with photoscanned assets and a bit of sculpting to blend the models with the ground and to create an irregular surface:

As always, sort by Date (newest first) on to find the new textures.