new website

just launched my new website offering carved signage services. I’m a bit nervous since this is my first product based business.

what do you think? are the prices ok? I tried to price it close to competing services.

feel free to buy a sign, I need money for a new ps3 :smiley:

haha, that is a friggin cool website! very nice.

I might have some needs for services but I would need fully custom things. You do custom jobs from vector templates?

Good luck with that.


Great use of Flash!

I can only suggest you have a link to another page for slower connections. I don’t have the issue, but for some people they will need to walk the dog and come back before the page will load.

Looks great.
(can buy tho, im too cheap)

yeah, I accept vector files. I’ve gotten comments that it’s a little expensive, but it does take me a while to make these things. Hopefully when I build a new machine I can bring the price down.

It only doesnt look good at 1920x1080.
The header letters dont look good.

You mean “can’t buy though …”

I am always glad when a user here does something to create business - the internet still has plenty of room for newer players.

All the best!

Fantastic website. It was pretty ‘fun’ to just click and move things around, browse through the clip art etc.