New winged creature I'm making

How does it look so far?


Looking good!

Added teeth and horns. I decided to make this model with the teeth and horns as seperate objects that I will child into the armature.

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Hey dude, here some tips!
(sorry about bad english)

Try to focus on finding a better shape first. From begining try to work with less subdivisions and you can forget the details in this primary forms. Anatomy is important but if the overall shape is not nice the anatomy will not be functional as well, neither render. Be very patient and look for many visual references as you can (there is a great software called PureRef that you can use for group your references in one place). Look at your references more than actually brushing the model and aways compare your references with your model. Finaly the most important of all, never give up! Keep studing and remember that well-studied model is better than several bad ones. Focus on a model until you think it looks good.

Now its about your creature

you can delete or hide your teeth and horns (they will confuse you). Focus on the shape the creature has. It seems to me that you are mixing forms of dragon, dog and bat? Search for some images that can use as a reference (such as quadrupeds in neutral positions for example). Forget about skin details and muscle positions for now. Don’t try to embrace too many things at the same time, always go slowly and without skipping steps.

Keep going!


The wings did not work out as good as I want them. I learned something about them from this project.

It’s a dragon, lion, with wings. I did a bad job on the wings because of the lack of reference for them. I’m tempted to start over by deleting the wings.

Maybe if I do the wings like this it will work. Oh, yeah, part racoon too.

I think this detail on the skin looks better. When zooming out it almost cannot be seen.

I think you’re off to a good start. I don’t know whether you’re looking for critique or not, but I’ll give you a little anyway. You say that it’s a Dragon/Lion hybrid. I don’t see that in the sculpt. It’s body is more like that of a dog than a lion, and it’s face isn’t dragon or lion.

I agree with the post above where they mention patience. I think choose the bits you want to clearly define as lion or dragon, and work to make it more obvious. A great example of what you’re going for is a Hippogriff - half eagle, half horse, and if you’re familiar with Harry Potter - Buckbeak. In that example it’s easy to tell which animals are represented.

As for the wings, I think to start with, they need to be much bigger. Back to Potter, Thestrals and Buckbeak are good examples of wing span - also most dragons you’ll find represented in fiction will have large wingspans - look at Game of Thrones for example. I also think what you have now for the wings is a little flat and stiff looking.

That’s all I’ve got for ya - good luck! :slight_smile:

I am unable to make the wings bigger unless I chop them off and go back to the sculpt. This would make me start over at the retopology stage. I will keep the flaw for now, I remember the wing span in future projects. I did make them more round. And I fixed the paint.

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That is all the painting I will do for now. I want to work on the animations.

I made a green and blue version of the creature’s wings.

I am not all that good with animation, but I try anyways. I sometimes like doing animation.

published it on turbosquid.

Also published it on cgtrader.

Interesting project, the creature definitely has an unusual combination of parts.

Your video is not working by the way.

There, blender still has lots for me to learn.

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