new wip: a bow - pg2 update

i’m doing a bow j4f
here it is… much work to do, but i’m pretty satisfied with the model (maybe i’ll add some details)
C&C please!

It’s pretty cool. Extravagant, maybe. Decorative. Not utilitarian. But very cool. At this angle I can’t tell if the string runs right through the bow or what. Texture, throw in some arrows and make a scene. 8)

modeled some arrows and added some depth of field, but i think is better without it :-?
here it is
the string passes wrong, i have to work on this :wink:

I think you should establish early-on if this is intended to be a realistic bow or a magic bow; a faerie’s bow. I think it would work better with the latter treatment. In that case the handling of the string, the exact nature of the arrows and so-forth, could be anything that looks great and “no-one could say thee ‘no.’”

If you could work in some suggestive element of story, to tell us why and how you happened to encounter this maegical thing in the forest, so much the better.

Materials and lighting are going to be what carries this object and setting to completion now. Be a little careful in choosing the materials so that the arrows become a secondary object-of-attention and not the primary; a factor mostly determined by which one reflects more light.

is intended to be a magical bow :slight_smile: (an ice bow)
i really didn’t think at the story, and i know that you can’t find a magical bow in the forest (it would be strange) but i’ll think something plausible :wink:
this night i’ll work a little on materials… maybe i’ll add some frost effect , should be nice

For a moment I wondered if it was a bow or a lyre :wink: As NQE1 said, it’s a little extravagant.
I don’t know if the texture is the one you intend to keep or not (because the bg is already textured), but it looks to much like a plastic bow imho, and… well… a plastic bow laying on the mud and grass is something weird… unless it’s a toy forgotten by a kid on a garden :slight_smile:
Anyway, some stains of mud on the bow could add realism.

The depth of field gives some strange result, the grass blade are “doubled”. How did you get that ?

EDIT : forget the question about the texture, your last post wasn’t here when i wrote it, and now i have the answer.

i follow a tut:
i put a circle on the cam , flollow path and motion blur… maybe the circle is too big :-?
ill work on it too :smiley:
thx :wink:

small update
i really don’t like arrow’s materials :frowning:
some work on terrain texture & material, grass material and depth of field

Maybe a render with only the arrows and the bowon a uniform background would make it easier to see :smiley:
Because here the arrows are too blurred and small to see the material and give you some ideas for another one.

Wow, very cool bow. A top view would be handy to give more crits.

Couple of comments:
The bow string looks like it goes right through the body of the bow at both ends and the arrow look pretty bulky, even for fairy arrows. :wink:

Looking good…my crits,
Your string need’s a not at the ends ,unless it’s a magical light beam or something.If it is a light beam then why not make it come out of the marbles.Your arrows could use better textures.If it’s a magical ice bow woundn’t the arrows be ice too.The arrows look alittle short to me, if you pulled back the arrow it wouldn’t get enough force when released.meaning the arrow isn’t long should maybe get rid of the scene for now and put it in a better view.But thats about all I can say at this point .Good job so far…Oh yhea show us the other side of the bow.

ok so…
i made a simil-knot at the end but the idea of light beam is very nice!
i’ll work on this but i dunno if i can do something good :frowning:
i tried different materials for the arrows but all seams strange! i’ll try different others …
i made the arrows a little longer now should be the right lenght

i fixed the string, before it passed trought the body of the bow
as requested the top view (sorry for small artifacts)

Maybe have the bow supported on a waist high pillar and the arrows in a quiver hanging off the pillar. Change the camera angle so it is pointed down upon the pillar and such. But keep the grass, maybe add some trees.

Its too blue for me. When I think of an ice bow I think of a bow with a crystalline material with a bluish tint to it.
The arrows should be metal not wood because the wood would look out of place amongst the bow and such.
Maybe even have some mist coming off of the bow (if you make it crystalline)

Good luck and keep working.

first try at material
when i’ll be ok with materials i’ll think at the scene :smiley:
thx for help :wink:

what do you think about this?

Hey! Is that a new Weapon for UnrealTournament2005 ?