new york street scene from 1930

Hello, I started my new personal project. A New York street scene from about 1930. I would like to go for a semi realistic stop motion/cartoon style. Later on I would like to add some character’s to the scene, to bring some life in to it. Now this is how far i got until now.

Please critique everything:yes:

(This is what the scene looks at the moment.)

Here is a small update.

Here is an other small update. Blocking out the scene.

Please critique. :slight_smile:

I’m like you - I always like for people to critique my work. At this point, there really isn’t much to critique. The modeling looks good. Are you modeling based on reference images? If so, it would be helpful to see them.

I’m not familiar with New York in the 30s, but did they have flagstone sidewalks then? If so, your sidewalk looks great. If they were concrete, then… well ahem.

The only other thing that stands out - the rectangular panels on the bottom of the door feel out of place. Generally, in the construction of doors, there is a broad bottom plate across the bottom of the door. It serves to support the entire door, both adding rigidity and supporting the weight of the glass.

These were the only pictures I could find quickly that shows what I mean:

Aside from those things, it looks great!

Edit: I just noticed the sidewalks in the first image. What are those, formed concrete pads?

Thanks a lot for your reply!:D. Yes I use one small reference image. Thanks for the information about the door and the side walk. I didn’t know that ^^. Maybe I will change that later on. Because I’m not exactly sure what the scene should look like in the end. I don’t exactly know, what kind a side walks they had at that time. I just modelled a random side walk, which should fit in to the scene. But I can still change it later on. I will see. But again thanks for your critique and reply :D.

Here is the reference image.

An other update! :smiley: Please critique !

Update. Please critique!

Ok this is where I’m at in the moment. Pleas give me some honest critique now!!!
I decided to start unwrapping now, and add the other small objects later. But I have a problem. I don’t know how I should start unwrapping the first building. Any ideas?.

(Thats what my unwrap looks like :()

It will be difficult to unwrap, and I cant really help you with that. I’m surprised your doing so well off just one reference image! Im not so sure about the fire hydrant if I had to offer crits?

Fire hydrants looked very different 80 years ago so I don’t expect it to look anything like todays fire hydrants . I would move the door. If I were a buisnessman, I wouldm’t want something obstructing the path to me buisness, so I wouldn’t build a door in front of the fire hydrant. Since it’s easier to move the hydrant then the door, I suggest you do that.

Thanks for your reply squidifier and macktruck. I moved the hydrant a bit. But I don’t know what fire Hydrants looked like 80 years ago^^. Do you know where I could get an reference?

Here is an other update. I started unwrapping.

But I’v got a question. Should I create different uv’s for some parts of the model to avoid problems with the texture resolution? What do you think?