New Zbrush Features out for next free Upgrade!!!

Hello all, Since I always annouce new Blender version over in the Zbrush Forum, why not new Zbrush things in blenders forum?

In case you don’t know, Zbrush is a unique program, and is an integral part in my workflow, which is mostly Photoshop <-> Blender <-> Zbrush.

It is awesome at texturing, at displacements at extremly high poly(4-8 mil), and for tons of other cool features.

The thread for the new upgrade can be found at

The movies themselves can be found at:

Basically they offer a new way to rig a model for posing(not quiet sure on the extent of animation availible) by just creating a basic skeleton out of ZSpheres and then going crazy with it. The video shows it best, but the deformation and everything looks AMAZING and intuitive if you’ve worked with Zspheres before.

Also there is a new thing called “Surface-Rig” which is like a suped up Topology Brush.

Basically you can paint a new mesh topology onto the surface of another mesh, so you can focus on form first, and topology second.

Check it out, it’s cheaper than Photoshop CS and imho one of the best 3d programs out there, specially with the new features, it makes a GREAT addition to blender’s mesh and animation and scene setting capabilities.

That’s some incredible stuff.