New zombie game in developement; need help, modelers, animationists, scripters, ect..

Hello everyone,

I am one of the three people that is head of this developing game. This developing game is based off of survival, smarts, and alot of fun killing zombies. There will be two, if not possibly three parts to this game. For starters, the campain mode; then there will be a zombie survival mode, for those of you who have ever played black ops zombies that is sort of what it will be like. Then for the finnal and last Mode, ONLINE ZOMBIE MULIPLAYER. This is for those who have ever played DayZ, a survival game, where the player accualy must protect themselves from the elements, other players, and of course, ZOMBIES.

Now i get it some of you might think OHH HE’S COPYING THOSE GAMES! well honestly no your wrong. You see this idea process had become about even before I have even once heard of DayZ, Now with Black ops, again no. See yes those games DID infact INSPIRE US, But am i wrong for saying that there are alot of games out there that involve surviving a Zombie apocalyptic event? So then for you to think that we based our thoughts and ideas off from these games would be like accusing the other developed Zombie games of Copying off from one another.

But anyway, we have verry creative ideas and thoughts on what we can make happen with the developement of this game. But we seem to run short in people who accualy know how to, and are experienced and awsome at creating realistic effects, models, animations, texures, ect… I am a modeler myself, a perfectionist, but im not used to THIS software. I have leared to understand how some things work, and i have and am creating models. What my goal here today is to recruit those who have an inspirational mind, who are creative thinkers and who are talented in what field of game designing that they do. Who are determined to get something out there that others in this world can pick up from a store and accualy be amazed in that game.

Honestly the idea of creating a game BLOWS my mind. And i hope it does that to you too. Look, this is not a paid “job”, because i do not have the ability to pay everyone for the ideas and creations they come up with. THIS IS THE FIRST GAME THAT MY TEAM AND I HAVE EVER DESIGNED. However, if we get paid for this game, i Can insure you that i will do everything i can to get you your share of the currency we recive. now That also means that i cannot have 2oooo people working on this and expecting to get paid. because for one, I DONT KNOW IF WE WILL GET PAID. so i cannot insure that you will, or i will for that matter. and two, if we have 20000 people working on this game, and we do get paid. each person will only get like what, $10 or less? i mean if we get paid people are going to expect to get a little more out of it right? thats why i can only except those who are determined, creative, and realy skilled at what they can do.

So if you are interested. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! AND IN HOPES TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLY BETTER THAN CALL OF DUTY CREATERS. lets show the world what we can do. lets show them what we are made of.

                                                                                               (A Head "director" of this develping game), Nathan

Hi Nathan,

I could probably help you with this project. Feel free to either give me a call or send me an email.
[email protected]

And dont forget to visit :slight_smile:

Thanks i will be in contact.