Newbie, anyone know how if possible to create a tangent at vertice in a mesh?

I want to create a tangent at the surface of a mesh at a specific vertice in the edit mode, possible? As the mesh is 3d, i guess the tangents is a plurality of tangents, composing a circle tangent to the volume… any ideas?

if you want to make objects that are precise according to a mathematical formula, you need to learn some python. you might try taking a peek at the shell script, which, i would guess, is all about tangents and vectors. there is an improved python UI in recent versions, I am told.

You can, in edit mode, set orientation to Normal in the header of the 3d viewport, then extrude the vertex by zero (hitting ESC or RMB after the E key), now hit G then Shift+ZZ (to exclude the normal Z axis) and move the extruded vertex in the desired direction tangent to the surface. After that, if you want, you can separate the segment into a new object by selecting it and hitting P key.

I hope it’s clear


thank you guys, i was thinking of pyton, but im clearly starting, thanks modron, and thank you paolo, its very clear… i could i have not thought about that!!! just perfect… yeahhh man, so great to model… ur great, take care