Newbie help request

Hi, I have been modeling a head based on the modeling a girls head tutorial at and no matter how I try I can not get rid of a line/seam down the center where the two halves meet. Can someone advise me how I might do this.

This seam could either be ,two lots of verts sharing the same spot down the centreline of the mesh which is cured but press ‘B’ (box select) and box the middle row of verts ,then press ‘W’ and choose remove doubles and/or normals facing the wrong way press ‘A’ (select all) then ‘CTRL N’ click recalculate normals outside.

Thank’s for the info. I tried what you said but when I try to remove doubles it says 0 removed even when I zoom in and select 2 individual verts on the seam it still says 0 doubles removed. Recalculate norms does not seem to do anything. The model is starting to look o.k. exept for this slight ridge, very annoying, is there anything else I can try?

I think it would be usefull to post a screenshot or a link to the .blend file. I think it will be easier to see what the problem is that way :wink:

Good luck

Possibly some vertices are not on the centerline. Assuming the Y-axis is centerline, center the vertices as follows:

  1. Press N for Transform Properties, select the vertex, make x=0
  2. Make sure the cursor is on the centerline, select the vertices, press ‘.’ to use cursor as scaling pivot, press S to scale, press X to only scale in X, press 0.

Check for internal faces

In edit mode press ‘ALT B’ , box select half the model from the centreline outwards. Now rotate you view around so you can see the centreline of mesh , if there are any faces on the inside delete them. when done press ‘ALT B’ to get the normal view back.

Thank you all. With a combination of the ideas you gave me I now have a seam free head. Just the little matter of the features now. lol