Newbie here

Hey guys I’m new with blender. Well I actually started or try to use it last year but stopped lol. Maybe I wasn’t that inspired to model and stuff but recently I wanted to come back and see what kind of work I could do. I always found myself fascinated looking at landscapes or scenes in video games so that’s what I would like to do the most. I’m designing a simple Isometric room just as a starter to get back on track with blender and since I’m using blender 2.8 everything seems new to me. So please leave me some comments on what I could improve in my modeling.

This is the Isometric view of the room and below are some close up shots:

An adjustable curtain rod with hardware(screws and hanger)

Blinds with adjustable string with plastic end cap and window trim.

Short coffee table with top glass and couch.

I’m also designing the props or items that are going to be inside the room. I’m modeling a candle right now, I still have to model a missing piece that goes underneath the candle base.

While taking the screenshot I noticed some of the model need smooth shading. I will fix that asap once im done modeling the candle.

I would appreciate all your comments,


Your modelling looks excellent.
One thing to note, though, is the poly count for these objects. Decide if high-poly models are needed in the scene. Avoid modelling parts that are too far away or not seen by any camera you are planning to place because there really isn’t any point. I can see that the curtain rod is much higher detail than the supports they are on.

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To be honest I didn’t even notice that lol. I had days were I gave myself a challenge or maybe I was planning to reuse some of the assets in other scenes… i dont even remember hahaha but appreciate your comments! Thanks :pray: