Newbie need HELP!!! -- i need the libraries for blender !!

Hi everyone, i’ve just dowmloaded BLENDER and read the ‘getting started’ file that comes with it. In said file it mentions that BLENDER needs several libraries to work properly – i can run BLENDER but there is no scripts or textures to apply to anything – i’d appreciate any help as i’ve always wanted to to 3D modeling and movies but never had the tools, having seen the work that some of you have done with BLENDER i can’t wait to get started. (any tips would be good to)


F.Y.I. i’m running BLENDER on Slackware Linux 9.1

Ummm, I’m not aware of any libraries that blender comes with. There are some materials already created and many free textures out on the net. However, besides that you would have to create your own textures. There are many python scripts out there that are also not included with the downloaded blender file. Look in the python forum to see all the different scripts there are.

For textures generated by blender press F6, it has to be applied to materials however to show up on the object.

I suggest before you do anything, taking a look through the blender manual and a quickstart guide would help alot.

Jason Lin

I’ll take a look at that manual and that should sort my problems.

Many thanks for replying – hopefully you’ll see the results soon!!

  • James Ronan