Newbie on Blender planet

Hi all!

I’m a new comer from France to Blender’s community. I’m not that new in 3D design as I had previously ‘trained’ a little in Gmax (making some personnal sceneries for Flight Simulator 2004) and then with 3D Sim Ed (modifying some cars for GT Legends game). I’ve also made some textures/skins for several elements of FS2004 or GTL, using photo softwares, DDS and DXT tools. So I’m not that lost when I hear about meshes, UV mapping or materials. But my experience so far was just being a ‘modder’, using things already built to be customed. Now I’d like to make my own stuff. I discovered Blender by other GTL modders and, even if i was a bit lost at first because of the interface, I quickly adopted the software and wanted to know more about it and how to use it. This open source software is to my mind the best I’ve seen so far. Thanks to all the open developpers and Blender Foundation for it.

I’m not into computers, just a graphics enthusiast in a way. I draw cartoons, I like arts in general, photography, comic strips, cinema techniques etc. I’ve also trained myself on video edtiting by making musical video clips from games. It’s just games but it’s a good training I guess to editing techniques (and it costs less than paying actors anyway!). I’m very interested in making 3D pictures with Blender, and also modelling. But the thing i’d like to master the most in the long run is animation. Indeed making a short 3D cartoon movie would please me. I heard about your site by reading Tony Mullen’s book entitled ‘Introducing Character Animation With Blender’. This book is very interesting by the way.

Well that’s all about me for the moment. Just looking around first to find info that should help me in Blender.

Welcome, and good luck… :slight_smile: