Newbie Point Camera to a Null

How do I set up a camera to always point to a null object? Sorry for this basic question. I Don’t know where to look and don’t know which tutorial might cover this. Also can anyone recommend a tutorial that might cover generally what I’m thinking about doing?

See reference shots and my logo in upper right.

I’m thinking I want to animate my logo similar to what I think has been done using the Mograph Module the Cinema 4D users have.


You can have the camera follow an “empty”
You add this through the Spacebar Menu > Add
Once you’ve created it, select the active camera, then SHIFT, and select the empty.
Afterwards, press Ctrl-T. Track To Constraint.
Now the camera Points to the empty.
I think this answers your question?
The empty can be animated as well.

Yes that’s it. Thanks very much!

I finally got back to trying your advice. The camera doesn’t pivot to follow the empty when I move it. How do I fix this?
Nevermind I found this :
The active object always becomes the target object to be tracked.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you.
Yes, you would select the object you want it to be tracked to second.
You can also check the constraints in the Object Panel.

That’s OK. I’m realizing how to look things up for myself but usually my mind gets stuck in a loop and I have to get away. Sometimes even lie down for possible solutions come to me. I did a search in the manual and found out about selection order. Also I have this DVD by Roger Wickes from which is awesome, but I’m just starting out with it. I looked in the table of contents and found a segment on parenting. Although it didn’t say it would demonstrate using a camera it turns out it did and covered the constraints panel. I realize now it’s time to diverge from following the DVD in sequence because my logo has different requirements and workflow than the character animation on the DVD.