Newbie Question about Armatures

(Storm) #1

Hi folks,

i have some newbie trouble with the animation stuff.

I have a mesh (very basic, because its Mr. Basic from the 2.0 Blender tutorial :smiley: ). I want to animate the both arms. I got one arm waving with the help of another tutorial.

But i run into trouble when i try to animate both arms. my problem is that i dont know how to make both arms (the armatures of the arms) to the parent of my mesh object. i put the 50k blender file under the following URL. Maybe someone could enlight me :wink:

Thanks in advance

(JarellSmith) #2

The problem is that you have the armatures as 2 unique ‘objects’. They need to be part of the same ‘object’.

So in Object mode (ie. out of Edit mode), select the arm armature which isn’t working, then Shift_Select the one that is, then press Ctrl_ j to join them. Then just animate in the same manner that you did the working arm.

To avoid this happening in the future, be sure to remain in Edit mode while creating your character’s skeleton.

(Storm) #3

wooot, thanks alot :wink: now it works :wink: time to make Mr. Basic to Mr. not so Basic

Thanks from Germany :wink: