newbie question about installing 2.46 RC3

Also known as: blender 2.45.17.

Ok, I extracted it, and am able to start and run it. The only thing is,
I can’t do this from a nice windows desktop icon. If I simply drag
and drop the icon from the sub-sub folder, then I have to install
every single dll file in the desktop, and have a nice desktop icon
for every one of them too, which is not very desirable.
How can I actually install this the traditional way, so that
I can have the icon on the winbdows desktop?

You don’t have to install it. Right click the blender.exe file in the folder you unzipped the zip contents and select ‘create a desktop shortcut’.


Ah, windows basics. Thank you!

ok another question. if i install the rc3 is it going to affect my 2.45 stuff? will i be able to use both independantly or will windows default to useing the files from one of the versions?

no. it would not because it will be installed in a different place on your hard drive.
I just gave the 2.46 icon a different name than jsut blender too so I know what
version it is.

The custom builds I make all have custom icons and splash screens to help prevent people using the wrong version for production work.