Newbie Question Camera Parenting?

Hi, all. Apologize if this is an easy RTFM. I need to parent a null to a non-coincident camera, so I can rotate the null and the camera will pivot on the null’s center, not it’s own. Blender 2.83 doesn’t seem to want to allow me to attach the camera to objects. I could set the camera’s rotational center offset from the object, but that function doesn’t seem to exist in Blender. I’ve tried object constraints, but none of them, including Pivot, seem able to do the very simple thing I need to do (I’m trying to match a previous C4D project that a new version is needed of). If someone could give me best practices for this rather simple situation, I’d be grateful. Thanks in advance!

Make an empty. Put it at the center of the camera’s desired orbit. In 3D view, select camera, shift select empty. Ctrl p -> parent keep transform. Animate the empty as desired.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I was doing, of course, but it wasn’t parenting. When I did it with just the camera and cube in a new project it worked. This and a huge slowdown I’m wondering if my project has become corrupted. One thing is my main model file .blend was made by a newer Blender version; I’m wondering if that isn’t messing things up. I’m thinking I should FBX it.