Newbie Question- How to add an 'empty'?

I just started Blender (yesterday that is), and I’m working on a tutorial of making seawater and at one point it says to press Space and add an ‘empty’. I aligned the cursor and clicked space. I searched and searched for the empty but I cannot find it. So does anyone know how to add the ‘empty’- is it just a term for something else or did I somehow miss it (even though I checked 3 times… :spin:)

Keep looking. It is the sixth item in the “Add” submenu.

SPACEBAR --> “Add” --> “Empty”.

You can also use the “Add” menu on the menubar at the top of the window.

Oh thank you, now I found it. I can’t believe that I hadn’t seen it before, thank you so much though.

Heh heh heh, don’t feel bad. Blender has a fairly heavy learning curve. Once you get used to it you’ll be dishing out advice also. :yes: