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Stupid newbie question but here goes

Just trying out Blender and I am having difficulty in selecting a single object?

Say I put 3 UVSphere’s on and apply the first material I don’t seem to be able to select the next sphere? They seem to be all linked (selecting one selects them all?).

Any help with this would be appreciated



PS don’t ask me to RTFM as i’ve tried but this bit just seems to be skipped over? :o

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If you stay in Edit mode while adding (what you think of as objects) you are merely adding new geometry to the current object; you’re editing it.

Tab into Object mode to add a new Object.


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Thanks for the reply (pretty damn quick :smiley: )

One further question …

Ok so now I have selectable object but the material seems to only apply to one object? I am trying to follow the tutorial in

Again any help appreciated



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Yeah. The way that Blender works is that you have many objects, and many separate materials.
You can apply one material to many objects.
If two objects have the same material and you change the material settings of one of the objects, it’ll change on the other object too, since they both use the same material.

To make different objects have different materials, go to the material settings and use the drop-down box to either set a new material or use one you’ve already made.

A word of advice - if you have a material that you’d like to keep, but don’t actually have it set to any objects at the moment, be sure to press the ‘F’ button found next to the material name. Otherwise, when you close Blender and reopen it, all materials not assigned to an object or with the ‘F’ button selected will have disappeared.

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Not sure what’s confusing you since he explains it pretty well. Of course, it’ll only work like that if you have 3 seperate Objects (not 3 different meshes added to the same object)

So, select the first object, goto F5 and “Add New” and change the name from Material.001 to “Chrome”. Select the second object and Add New again and change the name to “Blue” and do the same for the 3rd and change name to “Red”. Now you can go back and select each sphere in turn and change the Material settings to match the tut’s.


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Thanks for the replies

I think I’ve got the hang of it now :smiley: