Newbie questions, Please help!

Hello everyone, I’m new to blender (had it for around 3 days) and I’m begining to have a few questions I can’t aswer in the tutorials…
So, here goes…

  1. I have a good grasp of modeling. I understand how to make alot of the stuff in the tutorials. I just have a question about Bezier curves.
    When I model something and try to add a Bezier curve, occasionally it will only stay on the X/Z axis, not the Y axis (which I need it to go on…)
    Any way to fix this? Am I missing a simple keystroke??

Ok, number 2…

  1. Whenever I model an object and then render it I usually see lines in whatever I modeled. I tried to make something with 100 rings but the quality of the render didn’t seem to improve… I have a good video card and a pretty new computer, what am I doing wrong??

  2. Ok, this one is pretty specific. On the blender website, in the list of tutorials is one called “Toon Shading.” ( I began to model the flower pot. I had everything figured out 'til I got to the petals for the flowers. I compresed a cylinder, altered it a bit and then rotated on a couple axis to get the petals, but they didn’t look half as good as the ones in the tutorial. Any method to getting something that looks like the petals in the tutorial?

  3. Camera views. How can I get the standard camera to look straight, not down? I was playing around with it yesterday and managed to do something, problem is I forgot what I did… hehe %|

  4. IPO. I was finishing up the candle tutorial on the blender website ( I had everything perfect (even the Bezier curve, woo hoo!) but I couldn’t change the IPO for the flame. So, the flame I have is less… flame-ish…
    Any tutorial or simple way to change the IPO of a material?

Ok, I think thats it for now…
If someone could answer any one of these questions I would greatly appreciate it!!


Welcome to Blender and to Elysiun.

#2: press the “Set smooth” button in the Edit buttons. What you see are the faces of your polygons.

#3: select your camera, and then press R_KEY to rotate it, G_KEY to drag it, into new rotation/location. It behaves the very same way that other objects. Perhaps have I misunderstood you?

Hope this helps.

#1: select the curve and then click “3D” in edit buttons. this way you can shape the curve in 3 dimensions (i think that was ur question, rite?)

#1: two possibilities exist for curves:

  • 2D mode - the curve is forced to lie on a plane (any plane, but it can’t leave it) but it can describe a shape, which can be filled and viewed, with optional extrusion (Ext1 value in editbuttons, F9) and bevelling (Ext2). To change the plane that the object is in, rotate it in object mode.
  • 3D mode - the curve is free to be shaped in all 3 dimensions, but cannot be filled like a 2D one can. Instead it is used as a path to extrude another curve along (using BevObj) or for an object to follow in an animation. To switch to this turn on the “3D” button in editbuttons (F9)

#2: as olivS said, click on “Set Smooth” in editbuttons

#3: hmm, what are you asking, I don’t quite get it…

#4: as olivS said, you can use G-key for Grab and R-key for rotate.
Also, you can enter camera view with NUM0 and then select the camera and press Shift+F to enter “Fly mode” - then you move the mouse to turn, LMB to go forwards and MMB to go back, then press enter to stop and move the camera there, or esc to cancel.
As well, you can add an “Empty” object (Space->Add->Empty, it defines just a point in space, and doesn’t appear in the render), then select the camera, shift+select the empty and press Ctrl+T (choose constraint) to make the camera track to the empty, ie always look at the empty.
There are others too, but these are the easiest to understand.

#5: Could you be more specific as to your problem? The only two I can think of are:

  • You can’t find the material IPO - in the IPO window (Shift+F6) in the header, there is a select box thingy, change it to “Material”
  • You’re messing with a particle system material - in this case the frame numbers don’t indicate the frame of the animation, rather the age of the particle - 0 is just spawned, and 100 is just dying (regardless of the actual particle life)

Thanks for the help all.
I’m starting to understand everything a tad bit more…=)
To be specific about question #3, I was trying to figure out how to make a flat object rotate on all Axis’.
But, I think I figured it out right after I posted this…
Thanks alot all!